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Silicon Valley Serbia

IC Engineering

Silicon Valley Serbia is a regional, eastern European, pool of engineering resources created from the awarded development teams, and an individual engineering contractors highly specialized in their respective fields.

Flexible Engagement Models

Individual Staffing

Staffing expert individual engineers on a contract base – remote or hybrid.

Use only the most experience engineers with proven track record.

Team Augmentation

Outsourced engineering teams, co-working with customer’s teams.

You can leverage our resource and project management or keep full control on your side.


Our teams, based on your business needs, extract the requirements and use them to build a team of experts that are optimized to meet the task at hand and deliver independently end-to-end solutions.


SVS tech teams are proud to be referenced as a "unicorn builder" and a "digital leaders creator" with 5 award-winning products and 8 unicorns in our client portfolio.

Our HW and SW design and development process always follows industry best practices,
has risk analyses, is well-planned and structured, well-documented
and meets the regulatory requirements for specific industries.

Regions that we served

Culture of partnership

The future of impactful technology work will be driven by dedicated, distributed expert teams. You don’t mandatory need a big in-house team to do a great work, but you do need a deep partnership you can count on.

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