IC Engineering

Silicon Valley Serbia

Engineers within our pool, during last decade, achieved an impressive project record through collaboration with customers ranging from blue-chip companies to all major semiconductor companies.

Our engineer’s portfolio of expertise ranges from module design to multi-million gate System-on-Chip designs.

ASIC Design

  • Project management
  • Requirements driven
  • HW development
  • Defining HW requirements
  • Defining HW architecture and microarchitecture to meet HW requirements
  • RTL design, Verilog/SV, VHDL, Python, tcl, perl, system C
  • IP selection consulting and integration
  • Strong protocol expertise
  • Post RTL-implementation steps (Lint, CDC, …)
  • Cadence, Synopsys

ASIC Verification

  • Project management
  • Requirements driven verification process
  • Complex IP/SOC/FPGA verification expertise
  • Digital, Mixed Signal
  • Exceptional UVM methodology expertise
  • Formal Verification
  • SystemVerilog / Specman e / SystemC expertise
  • Safety critical verification expertise (ISO26262,…)
  • Exceptional skills in HW-SW co-verification, CPU driven verification, Boot code verification
  • Bring up phase support

IC Layout

  • Full custom analog IC layout

  • Working with all major IDMs and foundries such as:
    TSMC, GlobalFoundries – IBM, Xfab, TowerJazz – Panasonic,
    STM, TI, UMC, Dongbu, EM, NXP, AMS, Fujitsu, VIS.

  • Wide IC technology expertise in bulk CMOS, BCD and SOI tech.

  • Process nodes from 500 nm down to 28 nm

  • Digital IC layout

  • Synthesis, P&R, DFT, sign-off

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